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Submitted on
December 9, 2012


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Last weekend i was playing some Minecraft on my computer.

I installed a Herobrine mod just for the fun of it. I already have tried it a few times and herobrine never showed up.

,,Bug'', I thought.

So i checked the internet if someone had the same problem. It said yes, but it was already fixed.

It was late so i just went to bed.

I had a strange dream about my house (in Minecraft, not my real one..) randomly spawning cave spiders in it.

The next day, I got up, and played first thing in the morning.

There was no spider there.

But i did discovered some weird things:
- a spider attacking me at the day, without me hitting it.
- i died when i woke up from the bed (in minecraft)
- and after i died my stuff was in a chest next to my bed.

,,Whatever'', i thought.

So i went out to get some wood, and to mine a little. I already had started a mine and i dug petty deep. I didn't get to diamonds.

But at the end of my mine i saw i sign. It said: ,,HIM''. Just the one word ,,HIM'' in capital letters.

maybe i put it there. Still, i began to panic a little.

So i stopped playing on my computer, and played on the iPod. (i didn't have the Herobrine mod on it.)

I started a new world and when i was going to put in a seed, in (where you put the seed name in) it was already filled with the numbers ,,666''.

I panicked, shut off the iPod and locked the kitchen door. ( the computer is in the kitchen.)

At 6 o'clock i got a call from my parents that they would come home late today. (yes they were out and they missed the train.)

,,Ok'', i said.

I got a book, and sat down on to the couch.

But at the end of the book (yes i finnished it.) was written: ,,YoU DoN't KnOw wHaT yOu'vE dOnE.''.

The line that appears when you light up a ,,Herobrine Totem''. (Herobrine Tower)

I threw the book of the couch and hid under a blanket. And there i sat. Until my parents came back.

But the next day i found written on my hand: 666

Don't you get it? ,,..H.B.''?

T.D.= TailsDoll.


Just read.. this is tailsfan8472

Journals / Personal©2012-2014 tailsfan8472
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SkylordZuleano Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love how :iconthe-herobrine: comments on your herobrine story
tailsfan8472 Jan 27, 2013
tailsfan8472 Jan 24, 2013


Well nevermind ._. but its a cool story
tailsfan8472 Jan 18, 2013
XD lawlz
Princessofdark0 Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well I have heard similar things and a few of my friends DO have the Herobrine mod, and this has never happened to them. I dont have it, due to the fact my computer is old and contracts viruses a lot. But I have found out my brothers used to play little "creepy pasta-jokes" on me, like hide a slenderman picture in my pillow or make a world with the 666 seed in my minecraft (we all share the account, and have one world for each of us) But Im pretty sure it might've been a prank or something. But I have seen things before... Not saying ur a liar and not saying its true, just saying~
tailsfan8472 Jan 11, 2013
ok ^^

(but i don't have any brothers or sisters...:iconshockplz:)
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